Bureau Services

So many time pressures. So many demands. So many requests from corporate headquarters, partners, and legal obligations to government departments and others. There is never enough time. There is always “the last minute” – but that is inadequate, or there is Stag’s Log Bureau service. Staffed by qualified Stag Geologists, the Log Bureau Service will ensure a timely, cost effective,  and accurate record of your well data.  Composite logs compiled, printed and digitally stored, Lithology logs printed and saved, Final Well Reports written, finalised checked, printed and digitally saved.  Core Logs recorded, embedded into reports or attached to end of well Composite Logs.  The client will be appraised of progress on the final logs and reports during the compilation processes, and we will actively review the articles with the client to provide correct and valid documentation.  Safeguarding your valuable data is key, and we provide a secure password protected upload facility. Stag Geological’s Log Bureau Service can be trusted to deliver the definitive lasting record of your well data, encompassing lithology, wireline/MWD logs, bio-stratigraphic, and any other pertinent details.