Operations Geology

If your project requires a crucial link between engineering and geoscience departments the rig and head office, the company and partners, human resources and contractors, then you need that Senior Geologist. A very experienced geologist, with a broad knowledge of drilling operations, who would be involved from the planning stage of a well or campaign, through the execution phase to the final reporting point, will be an essential asset to the smooth integration and performance of many services. An adept operations geologist acts as primary point of contact for many contractor and oil company personnel, so they will possess good verbal, written and IT communications skills. Their problem-solving ability, and their attention to detail, will be appreciated from tendering, and contracting, through resolving the structural geology and well planning, until completion. Whether Exploration, Appraisal or Development, the attributes of the operations geologist will be acknowledged by the well construction, subsurface, and well testing teams because the geologist is familiar with their needs, and the demands upon them.