Wellsite Engineering

The master of co-ordination for the safe, efficient, and economic implementation of the drilling program – that is the Stag Drilling Engineer. From design, well construction, costing and operational supervision, the Drilling Engineer will work with the drilling contractor, service and operator personnel to ensure technical and environmental compliance. While the engineer’s role may be wide ranging, from well program development, design or selection of wellhead equipment, monitoring of daily well and trajectory progress, along with budgetary and logistical responsibilities, the Stag Drilling Engineer will always keep safety paramount.  Calm under pressure, aware of multiple strands of work, time and financial constraints, the Drilling Engineer has the skills to balance the demands within the required safety and environmental protection standards.  The Drilling Engineer is integral to the drilling team and beyond, liaising with geologists, cementing and drilling fluid contractors and many others to safely deliver the project on budget and on time. The Stag Drilling Engineer can be part of that team from the program’s  inception, to completion and decommissioning. Safely.