WO1: Introduction to Drilling & Wellsite Geology

Target Audience
  • Wellsite Geologists
  • Operations Geologists
  • Mud Loggers
  • Drilling Engineers
  • MWD Operators
  • Directional Drillers
  • Technical & Support Staff
Course Aims
To provide an introduction to drilling technology and wellsite formation evaluation techniques for those personnel new to the industry or transferring from non-operational roles.
Delegates will learn:
  • About well planning and rig selection
  • About the drillstring, bits, drilling fluids, casing and cementing, completions, well control and directional drilling
  • How wellsite geologists & mudloggers collect & interpret geological & drilling data
  • About Coring, Wireline Logs and MWD Services
  • How to evaluate and describe drill cuttings and oil shows from practical work









Course Length
5 Days
Course Fee
£2050 (+VAT)
WO1: Course Outline
Drilling Technology
Well Planning & Rig Selection
Drilling Equipment & Techniques Drillstring Design & Bit Technology
Drilling Fluids & Well Control
Casing & Cementing
Directional Drilling
Wellsite Geology & Mudlogging
Well Planning & Rig Selection
Evaluation of Drill Cuttings
Gas Detection and Interpretation
Lithology Logs
Safety Monitoring
Formation Evaluation
Well Planning & Rig Selection
Coring Procedures
Wireline Logging
Logging While Drilling
Oil & Gas Show Evaluation
Geosteering Techniques
Drilling Rigs
Land Rigs
Floating Offshore Rigs
Fixed Offshore Platforms
Drilling Technologies
Bit Technology
  • Bit Design: Roller Cone & Fixed Cutter
  • Drilling Applications
  • Formation Evaluation Considerations
BHA Design, Drill Pipe
Hoisting, Rotating, Motion Compensation
Well Control Equipment
Drilling Fluids
  • Properties & Specification
  • Water Based Systems
  • Oil Based Systems
  • Synthetic Fluids
Fluid Circulation System
Hydraulics Calculations
Casing & Cementing
Directional Drilling
  • Applications
  • Steering Systems
  • Formation Evaluation
  • Survey Tools /Calcualtions
Drill Returns Logging
Mudlogging Services
Cuttings Recovery
Lag Time Calculations
Depth and ROP Recording
Hydrocarbon Gas Evaluation Total Gas
Enhanced Gas Evaluation
Interpretation of Gas Data

Wellsite Geology
Cuttings Sampling and Preparation
Cuttings Description Clastics
Reporting Procedures
Lithology Logs
Oil & Gas Show Evaluation UV Light and Solvent Tests

Coring Operations
Conventional Coring
Sidewall Cores
Formation Evaluation
Wireline Logging Operations
LWD Operations