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Code of Conduct and Professional Ethics

Our Purpose

Stag exists to be a leading supplier of Geoscience and Engineering personnel and services in the area of hydrocarbon well delivery, abandonment and re-use. Our purpose is to deploy our technical skills and resources to enable our customers to improve performance, increase assurance, and achieve cost efficiency during the energy transition.


This Code of Conduct applies to all Stag Staff and Contractors whilst working for, assigned by, or otherwise deemed to be representing Stag.

Our Values

Stag believes that:

  • Our people are our greatest asset. Our Staff and Contractors are members of One Team. Membership of our Team reflects a dedication to service, safety and the respect of every colleague.

  • A commitment to quality brings us competitive advantage. We grow as individuals and as a company by always delivering the highest quality products and services which never reflect less than the best of our efforts.

  • A commitment to science and objectivity brings us respect. We deliver our services as professional scientists and engineers, and offer our clients conclusions which reflect an assessment of the widest scope of possible evidence.

Professional Integrity

Stag Staff and Contractors Must:

  • Demonstrate Integrity. You should know and ensure your actions comply with laws and regulations wherever you are working on behalf of Stag, and understand that your decisions and actions can affect others. Stag does not tolerate corruption of any kind, and we expect the same from all contractors, suppliers and agents. This behaviour is key to earning the confidence and respect of customers and colleagues wherever we operate.

  • Demonstrate Accountability. Any intentional or unintentional violation of regulations or laws could be subject to personal financial or criminal liability. You should ask questions or raise concerns with Stag Management if you become aware of any actual or potential violation of regulations or laws. There will be no retaliation against any employee or contractor who reports in good faith any potential or actual violation to Stag.

  • Demonstrate Commitment. You should be committed to delivering excellence to our customers, treating them in a consistent and transparent way. 

Health, Safety and the Environment

Stag Staff and Contractors Must:

  • Work Safely. You must ensure you understand the safe working requirements of your job, and ensure you have adequate training and Personal Protective Equipment. Stop any job at any time if you believe conditions are unsafe, and report any unsafe conduct to an appropriate supervisor. You should never undertake any job whilst under the influence of alcohol, drugs or illegal substances. This includes ensuring you are able to pass any applicable tests e.g. heli check-in breath testing.

  • Protect the Environment. You must comply with any local rules or regulations aimed at protecting the environment. You should generally be environmentally aware whilst working for Stag, taking steps as necessary to prevent pollution, reduce emissions, and minimize waste. 

Conflicts of Interest

Stag Staff and Contractors Must:

  • Avoid conflicts of Interest when working for Stag or a Client. If you believe there is a potential conflict between your personal interests and those of Stag or a Stag client with whom you may be placed, you should declare that Conflict of Interest immediately to relevant Stag or Client management and remove yourself from any decision-making process.

  • Avoid the use of Stag or Client resources for personal gain. Stag allows the use of its computer equipment for reasonable personal use (web and email). Stag does not allow the use of licensed geoscience or engineering software for personal gain (e.g., working projects for any company other than Stag or an assigned Client). When working in a Client environment, you should understand and follow their fair-use policies.

Business Entertainment

Stag Staff and Contractors Must:

  • Not offer or accept any business gift or hospitality which could be perceived to wield influence, either on behalf of Stag or any of its Clients. You should use good judgement when accepting business hospitality from third parties. In general, any gift or hospitality less than £200 GBP can be considered nominal. You should also ensure that any business gift or hospitality is not proposed too frequently.


Stag Staff and Contractors Must:

  • Not enter into any agreement, whether on behalf of Stag or one of its Clients, which might restrict full and fair competition. Such an agreement could be the discounting of project work against the provision of future services. We do not enter into agreements with competitors that could fix or control prices, allocate market territories, or limit the provision of our services.

  • Not share Stag or Client pricing or bidding information with competitors. Stag and its clients regard all such information as confidential and we win trust in the market place by respecting this principle.


Stag Staff and Contractors Must:

  • Encourage fair employment and equal opportunity. Stag does not engage in discrimination of any kind and we comply with all relevant immigration and employment laws.

  • Exhibit zero tolerance for harassment or any form of offensive behaviour. Stag and its clients do not tolerate any form of harassment. If you have witnessed or are subject to harassment, you should raise a concern immediately with the management of Stag.


Stag Staff and Contractors Must:

  • Respect the privacy and protect the security of personal data. Stag collects personal data only for lawful business purposes. If working with personal data in Stag you are expected to follow internal data privacy requirements at all times.

  • Respect the confidentiality of Client data. You should assume all client data is confidential when working for Stag. You should not redistribute client data anywhere other than through their IT systems and assigned Stag computers e.g. wellsite laptops. 

Intellectual Property

Stag Staff and Contractors Must:

  • Protect Stag's Intellectual Property. Our investment in services business (e.g. Decommissioning, Carbon Storage) requires strong protection of the resulting Intellectual Property assets. Intellectual property is any idea, technique, process or discovery created by Stag employees and related to our business. If Stag intellectual property needs to be shared with third parties, it should be protected by appropriate non- or confidential disclosure agreements.

  • Protect third party Intellectual Property. You should comply with the restrictions on the installation, licensing and use of software and not make copies of software, publications, or otherwise copyrighted materials without suitable authorization.

Public Behaviour

Stag Staff and Contractors Must:

  • Abide by this Code of Conduct in any public space where they have identified themselves as a Stag Employee or Contractor. In daily life, most Employees and Contractors will engage in public activity including social media, professional society events and conferences. In any public space in which you have identified yourself with Stag, you should behave in a manner consistent with how you are expected to present yourself to customers and colleagues. You should refrain from discussing confidential Stag or Client company business and remember that our values are consideration of people, delivery of quality and respect for science.

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