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Global Expertise in New Well Delivery


Stag has delivered expertise and assurance on thousands of wells worldwide over the last quarter of a century. If you're not already working with us on New Well Delivery, the chances are that your competitors are using our services - you're never far from a Stag Well whichever basin you're operating in.

Take a tour of our services and find out how Stag's Well Geoscience and Well Engineering Teams can help you meet your project goals.

We are a Trusted Partner in every Well you Drill.


Choose Stag Wellsite Geologists in every Geological Environment.

A Stag Wellsite Geologist is the manager, at wellsite, of your geological operations during drilling. They are the point of contact between the expertise of your Subsurface department and the log data, rock and fluid samples which characterize the well's geology. They play a key role in early recognition of drilling problems including those associated with poor hole condition or potential collapse and will be your key contact for geosteering decisions. With a wide geological background and multi-operator drilling experience, your Stag Wellsite Geologist will help ensure timely decision-making and the highest standards of data supervision and delivery during well operations.

Wellsite Geologists are supplied at Lead, Senior and Staff rank and we will help you choose the optimum personnel for your project.

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Wide Expertise and Global Experience

Our Wellsite Geologists expertise and experience includes:

  • All conventional onshore and offshore drilling

  • Exploration, appraisal and development

  • Unconventional Reservoirs

  • Deep Water

  • High Latitudes

  • Jack-Up, Semisubmersibles, Drill Ships, Land Rigs

  • High Pressure High Temperature (HP/HT)

  • Extended Reach Drilling (ERD)

  • Geosteering

  • Biosteering

  • Coring, logging and well testing operations

  • Digitalization

  • Heavy Oil Projects

  • Unconventional Oil and Gas

  • Geothermal Wells

  • P&A Supervision

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Services for every Subsurface Environment

Our Services at Wellsite include:

Formation Evaluation

  • Mudlogging Supervision

  • Cuttings and Core Description

  • Show Evaluation

  • Section and Well TD calls; Coring Point Picks

Pore Pressure Evaluation

  • Well Logs, DXC, Drilling Parameters, Effective Stress

Wellbore Stability and Geomechanics

  • PPFG and Principal Stresses

  • Cavings description

  • Mud and gas show evaluation


  • Supervision and QC

  • Log Interpretation

  • Formation Test Supervision


  • Supervision and Witnessing

  • Log Interpretation

  • Sidewall Core and Pressure Point selection and supervision


  • Well Placement using Deep Resistivity (GeoSphere, VisiTrak, EarthStar), lithology and biostratigraphy

  • Interpretation software (StarSteer, DecisionSpace etc)


  • Daily Geolgical Reports and Data

  • Final Well Reports

  • Composite Logs

  • Daily conferencing and technical presentation


  • WITSML Realtime Data supervision and assurance

  • Digitalization assistance and QC

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Professional Delivery for every Project

Stag Wellsite Geologists will:

  • Bring a consistent Focus on Safety to your project

  • Be ready to mobilize from home bases worldwide

  • Have skill sets and experience matched with your requirements 

  • Assure and develop their competency via our in-house Competency Framework

  • Deliver their work in-line with our Code of Conduct and Professional Ethics

  • Achieve continuous personal and professional development via Stag's in-house training and development schemes


Choose Stag Operations Geologists for the Digitalized World of Oil and Gas.

Digitalization in the Oil and Gas industry is perhaps changing the scope and challenge of Well Delivery more than any other discipline. Make sure your New Well Delivery team is ready for the Digitalized World by using a Stag Operations Geologist.

Our Operations Geologists are ready to meet the two key challenges posed by digitalization: the increase in data-driven decision making during drilling operations, and the ability to extract greater insight from historical data for improved well planning and delivery. Stag Operations Geologists have experience of projects including the use of AI to understand and predict lithology in historic and real-time log datasets and to evaluate wellbore behaviour and drilling risk. 

Stag Operations Geologists are also familiar with the use of Well Intelligence Software, such as AGR's iQx, to track experiences and drilling events in real-time and contribute to automated end-of-well reporting.

Stag Operations Geologists are experts in every area of well delivery:

  • Leading safety planning and implementation within their area of responsibility;

  • Compilation and preparation of Geological Well Programmes and Prognoses;

  • Compilation and presentation of Geological Drilling Hazards Assessments;

  • Data management, QC and interpretation during drilling, including transfer and storage of data in the Operator's Information Systems;

  • Management of geological information moving between the office and wellsite teams;

  • 24/7 Management of offshore geological operations including reservoir placement (geosteering):

  • Co-ordination with service providers offshore or in Operator or remote Data Centres (Reservoir Navigation Services, Directional Drilling, Data Engineering) during drilling;

  • Service Quality Review of key contractors (mudlogging, M/LWD, Wireline)

  • Reporting and briefing technical and managerial staff;

  • Contractor mobilization;

  • Composite Log and Final Well Report compilation.

Operations Geologists are supplied at Senior and Staff rank and we will help you choose the optimum personnel for your project.


Choose Stag Well Planning Geologists for the best in Subsurface Support.

A Stag Well Planning Geologist sits in your Subsurface Team and provides expert support throughout the process of planning, drilling and reviewing the results of any new well. Highly experienced with a strong international background in Wellsite and Operations Geology and proficient in your chosen reservoir and well management software (Petrel, Landmark, Techlog, Coviz etc), your Stag Well Planning Geologist will be responsible for understanding the reservoir management needs which your project is intended to meet. Your Stag Well Planning Geologist will lead the Subsurface development of your project in collaboration with Reservoir, Petroleum and Drilling Engineering teams to ensure that every aspect of planning and execution meets the needs, standards and practices of your company.



Plan for Success

A Stag Well Planning Geologist will:

  • Ensure the subsurface planning and execution of wells meets company and regulatory standards, practices and requirements

  • Complete detailed offset well reviews and construct comprehensive overburden models including lithology, stratigraphy and historic drilling hazard information to assist trajectory planning

  • Collaborate with Reservoir Engineers, Geomodellers and Production Engineers to understand reserves and reservoir management requirements

  • Lead the preparation of a Statement of Requirements or Well Proposal including Decision Trees, data acquisition plans and risk management

  • Contribute to Requests for Quotation (RFQ), the screening of tenders and preparation of contracts for M/LWD, Wireline, Geosteering, Mudlogging, Core Acquisition, Core Analysis, Stratigraphical Services and any other departmental tenders associated with the project

  • Prepare key documentation for each Project management gate and associated review meetings

  • Manage communication between Drilling/Wells and Reservoir/Subsurface teams

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Optimize your design

A Stag Well Planning Geologist will:

  • Account for overburden complexity, risks and hazards

  • Lead the preparation or commission of Pore and Fracture Gradient models

  • Support drilling and geomechanical engineers in establishing and qualifying a safe drilling window for every hole section

  • Collaborate with geomechanics specialists and drilling engineers to propose low-risk and efficient wellpath geometries

  • Select and justify hole section and TD targets, including the reservoir landing point and intended horizontal/geosteering geometries

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Achieve Expectation

​A Stag Well Planning Geologist will:

  • Demonstrate safety leadership and strongly advocate company policies and guidelines

  • Manage activities and work performed by key contractors and suppliers

  • Integrate real-time well data with existing geological models to ensure the drilling well is achieving its Reservoir Management target and to help the drilling and Well Delivery teams meet operational challenges

  • Provide oversight of contractor analyses and reports including Petrophysical analysis, Petrography, Biostratigraphy, sidewall and full-diameter Core analysis

  • Lead subsurface input to post-well reviews and ensure information and lessons learned are widely shared in order to drive future drilling improvement

  • Prepare technical reports and data for presentation and distribution to partners, senior management and government representatives

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Choose Stag Wellsite Engineers for maximum Operational Efficiency.

Your Stag Wellsite Engineer will help your Drilling Supervisor implement all well drilling, workover, completion and testing programmes. The Wellsite Engineer's responsibility is to ensure all online and offline operations achieve maximum efficiency, with tools and equipment arriving and leaving the rig as needed, and all materials tallied, checked and QC'd to minimize delays and Non-Productive Time.

Stag Wellsite Engineers will take the lead in capturing drilling Lessons Learned and non-conformances. They are familiar with the use of Well Intelligence Software, such as AGR's iQx, to track operational performance in real-time and contribute to automated end-of-well reporting.

Stag Wellsite Engineers are experts in every area of Operational Efficiency:

  • Creating optimized Work Instructions for online and offline Operations;

  • Capturing Lessons Learned, Non-Conformance and instances of Non-Productive Time (NPT) and reporting these via well intelligence software or other operator communication systems;

  • Creating section-by section updates of technical information required for Final Well Reports;

  • Tracking offshore costs, logistics, materials, and supervising appropriate contractors;

  • Facilitating and documenting offshore risk assessments;

  • Maintaining drilling documentation and data offshore and distributing this information to Drilling Superintendents and Wells Management.


Choose Stag Drilling Engineers and Plan for Success.

Stag Drilling Engineers, Drilling Supervisors and Drilling Superintendents represent some of the most experienced O&G professionals in the world. With expertise in every kind of drilling operation including Jack-Up, Semisubmersible, Drill Ship and Land Rigs, our engineers can deliver in every well environment, including High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT), Extended Reach (ERD) and ultra-deep water wells. With additional experience in well intervention, workover and P&A operations, your Stag Drilling Engineers will ensure your project delivers safely whilst achieving exceptional design and operational efficiency.

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Fit-for-Purpose Well Design

A Stag Drilling Engineer will design, plan, cost and assist with the operational supervision of your well, ensuring it meets national and operator well construction standards and complies with all relevant environmental and HSE legislation. A Stag Drilling Engineer will:

  • Perform all aspects of drilling engineering including the preparation of Drilling, Intervention and Abandonment Programmes

  • Prepare and document the key requirements for scope of works and technical specification for third party tenders

  • Interface with internal and external stakeholders to ensure that operations are carried out efficiently and as per plan

  • Plan, co-ordinate and assist with the supervision and acceptance testing of contracted drilling rig and third party equipment and materials

  • Prepare the drilling budget and AFE documentation

  • Undertake cost planning and operational cost control by monitoring actual expenditure versus AFE

  • Review and evaluate day-to-day operations to seek learnings, efficiencies and improvements

  • Communicate learnings and operational observations to the Drilling Superintendent and Wells Manager

  • Manage and review project progress including key milestones

  • Lead the preparation of Final Well Reports and manage the delivery and quality of reporting by key contractors (fluids, directional, cementing)

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Safe and Successful Operations

A Stag Drilling Supervisor (Company Man) will have extensive experience of offshore drilling, completion, intervention and abandonment operations. With safety and optimal performance key objectives, a Stag Drilling Supervisor will:

  • Supervise all offshore operations and personnel, acting as the key link in the decision chain between offshore and the Operator's Wells Department

  • Ensure compliance with Management of Change processes when operations must deviate from plan

  • Be familiar with well control and drilling procedures and hold appropriate level certifications (IWCF)

  • Provide daily reporting, operational updates, and monitor forward planning on behalf of the Wells Department

  • Ensure that Lessons Learned from previous wells are applied to current activities

  • Review and approve any additional resources or expenditure incurred by drilling contractors and supervised third parties

  • Collaborate with the drilling contractor and Offshore Installation Manager to ensure safe and successful performance of well operations

  • Lead on safety by ensuring the implementation of HSE policies to create and maintain a safe offshore workplace

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Exceptional Project Performance

​A Stag Drilling Superintendent will have extensive international experience in planning, executing and supervising all aspects of a drilling programme together with undertaking asset management on behalf of an Operator Wells department. With safety, operational efficiency and cost control paramount, a Stag Drilling Superintendent will:

  • Ensure correct management of drilling operations by optimizing project assets, equipment and personnel

  • Manage contracting and contract interpretation with key service providers, including Rig companies

  • Verify the maintenance routines and specifications of drilling rigs and equipment to ensure the asset will adequately and efficiently meet the needs of the drilling programme

  • Be familiar with well control and drilling procedures and hold appropriate level certifications (IWCF)

  • Ensure stock control of spare and critical equipment and parts held on supervised rigs is adequate to support operations

  • Supervise rig moves

  • Ensure all classification, operational and environmental permits required for operational activites are obtained and appropriately maintained

  • Take appropriate responsibility for the conduct of drilling operations and the reporting of operational activity to management

  • Lead by example on safety and ensure the implementation of HSE policies and activities throughout their project

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