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WO1: Introduction to Drilling & Wellsite Geology


2024 Programme

5 Days | £2500+VAT per attendee

Course Aims

To provide an introduction to drilling technology and wellsite formation evaluation techniques for those personnel new to the industry or transferring from non-operational roles.

Target Audience​

Wellsite Geologists, Operations Geologists, Reservoir and Development Geologists, Drilling Engineers, Mudloggers, LWD Engineers, Directional Drillers, Support Staff.

Delegates Will Learn:

  • Well planning and Rig selection

  • About the drillstring, bits, drilling fluids, casing and cementing, completions, well control and directional drilling

  • How wellsite geologists & mudloggers collect & interpret geological & drilling data

  • About Coring, Wireline Logs and MWD Services

  • How to evaluate and describe drill cuttings and oil shows from practical work.

Course Outline

Drilling Technology
  • Well Planning & Rig Selection

  • Drilling Equipment & Techniques Drillstring Design & Bit Technology

  • Drilling Fluids & Well Control

  • Casing & Cementing

  • Directional Drilling

Wellsite Geology & Mudlogging
  • Well Planning & Rig Selection

  • Evaluation of Drill Cuttings

  • Gas Detection and Interpretation

  • Lithology Logs

  • Safety Monitoring

Formation Evaluation
  • Well Planning & Rig Selection

  • Coring Procedures

  • Wireline Logging

  • Logging While Drilling

  • Oil & Gas Show Evaluation

  • Geosteering Techniques

Drilling Rigs
  • Land Rigs

  • Jack-Up Rigs

  • Semi-Submersible Rigs

  • Fixed Offshore Platforms

Bit Technology
  • Bit Design: Roller Cone & Fixed Cutter

  • Drilling Applications

  • Formation Evaluation Considerations

BHA and Drill String Design
  • Hoisting, Rotating, Motion Compensation

  • Well Control Equipment

Drilling Fluids
  • Properties & Specification

  • Water Based Systems

  • Oil Based Systems

  • Synthetic Fluids

  • Fluid Circulation System

  • Hydraulics Calculations

  • Casing & Cementing

Directional Drilling
  • Applications

  • Steering Systems

  • Formation Evaluation

  • Survey Tools /Calculations

Surface Returns Logging
  • Mudlogging Services

  • Cuttings Recovery

  • Lag Time Calculations

  • Depth and ROP Recording

  • Hydrocarbon Gas Evaluation Total Gas

  • Chromatograph

  • Enhanced Gas Evaluation

  • Interpretation of Gas Data

Wellsite Geology
  • Cuttings Sampling and Preparation

  • Cuttings Description Clastics

  • Cuttings Description Carbonates

  • Cuttings Description Evaporites

  • Reporting Procedures

  • Lithology Logs

  • Oil & Gas Show Evaluation with UV Light and Solvent Tests

Coring Operations
  • Conventional Coring

  • Sidewall Cores

Formation Evaluation
  • Wireline Logging Operations

  • LWD Operations

Course Leaders

Martin B. Saunders

Martin B. Saunders

Training Manager

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