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G1: Introduction to


2024 Programme

3 Days | £1500+VAT per attendee

Course Aims

To provide an introduction to Petroleum Geology and practical wellsite geological procedures for engineers and other staff without formal geological training.

Target Audience​

Drilling Engineers, LWD Engineers, Directional Drillers, Drilling Fluids Engineers, Support Staff, all non-geological personnel.

Delegates Will Learn:

  • How to recognise the physical and chemical properties of the major sedimentary rocks

  • How to examine hand specimens and drill cuttings

  • How to understand subsurface structures and basic reservoir geology

  • How to understand the effect of geology on key drilling practice

  • How to interpret lithology and geological features from LWD and wireline logs.

Course Outline

Introduction to Geology
  • Structure of the Earth

  • Plate tectonics and Continental Drift

  • The Geological Time Scale

  • Stratigraphy and Fossils

  • Rock Forming Minerals

  • Rock Classification (Igneous, Metamorphic, Sedimentary)

Sedimentary Rocks
  • Classification schemes

  • Carbonates

  • Clastics

  • Chemical Rocks

Geological Processes
  • Surface Processes (Weathering, erosion, transportation)

  • Environments of deposition

  • Continental

  • Fluvial

  • Marine

Depositional Features
  • Bedding and Lamination

  • Sedimentary Structures

  • Erosional features

Structural Geology
  • Dip and Strike

  • Folding and Faulting

Geological Maps
  • Creating surface maps from outcrop data

  • Drawing structural cross sections

Petroleum Geology
  • Origin of Hydrocarbons

  • Migration

  • Traps

  • Reservoir Properties

Sedimentary Petrology
  • Mudrocks: Textures, Colours, Mineralogy, Environments

  • Sandstones: Grain Texture, Components, Cements, Porosity and Permeability, Environments

  • Carbonates: Components, Grains, Cement/Matrix, Diagenesis, Dunham Classification, Environments

  • Chemical Rocks: Evaporites and precipitates

Drill Cuttings and Show Evaluation
  • Sample collection and processing

  • Sample description and analysis

  • Oil Show Evaluation

LWD and Wireline Logs
  • Lithology from basic open-hole logs

Course Leaders

Martin B. Saunders

Martin B. Saunders

Training Manager

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