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G2: Operations & Wellsite Geologist


2024 Programme

4 Days | £2250+VAT per attendee

Course Aims

To provide an overview of the role of Operations and Wellsite Geologists in Well Planning and Drilling Surveillance phases. To provide practical instruction in wellsite geological techniques and geosteering co-ordination.

Target Audience​

Wellsite Geologists, Operations Geologists, Reservoir and Development Geologists, Drilling Engineers, Mudloggers, LWD Engineers, Directional Drillers, Support Staff.

Delegates Will Learn:

  • How to describe & Evaluate drill cuttings

  • How to produce a Formation Pressure Profile to include estimated pore pressure and fracture gradient data

  • How to determine Lithology and Reservoir information from well logs

  • How to use Mudlogging and MWD data to perform real-time geosteering co-ordination.

Course Outline

Well Planning Processes
  • G&G Chapter of Drilling Programme

  • Geology & Stratigraphy

  • Pressure Profile

  • Site Survey & Shallow Gas

  • Geological Hazards

Data Acquisition Procedures
  • Provision of Wellsite Services

  • Identification & Selection

  • Logging Programmes

  • Data management and distribution

  • Technical Support

Wellsite Geology
  • Duties and Responsibilities

Supervision of Wellsite Services
  • Mudlogging Units

  •  Sensors

  •  Data Acquisition 

  • Gas Detection

  • Sampling and Cuttings Evaluation

  • Depth and ROP

Coring Services
  • Conventional

  • Sidewall

  • Coring Procedures

  • Retrieval and Packing

Wireline Logs​
  • Witnessing & QA Procedures

  • Quick-Look Log Interpretation

MWD/LWD Services
  • Directional Surveys

  • Formation Evaluation Services

Documentation & Reports
  • Daily/Weekly

  • Lithlog & Composite Log Preparation

  • End-of-Well Report

Practical Wellsite Geology
  • Description & Evaluation of Drill Cuttings

  • Oil Show Evaluation

  • Basic Log Interpretation

  • Construction of Lithlog from cuttings and log data

Geosteering & Geological Control
  • Strategies and teamwork

  • Horizontal and ERD Formation Evaluation

  • Geological Targets

  • Structural & Well Path control

  • Landing the Well

  • Drilling the Reservoir

  • Calling T.D

Geosteering Case Study
  • Real-time case study using MWD, LWD and mudlogging data in a role-play exercise

Course Leaders

Martin B. Saunders

Martin B. Saunders

Training Manager

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