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Quality Policy


Stag Geological Services Limited (Stag) is committed to creating value for customers by delivering high quality geological services, drilling engineering and related training.

Stag subscribes to a Total Quality Management philosophy by involving its entire staff, customers and subcontractors in a Quality Management System satisfying the requirements of ISO 9001.

Stag are to build quality into the geological services including training delivery, by adherence to the policy statements:

  • Involving customers in all life-cycle phases from well planning, through the operations phase to post-well sign off;

  • Careful and conscientious selection of subcontractors to suit customer specific needs globally;

  • Insistence on clear communication skills;

  • Set up of systems, procedures and standards to deliver customer satisfaction, minimize errors and continually improve levels of quality;

  • Make decisions based on quality considerations and;

  • Setting and working toward measurable quality objectives.

Quality Policy Review

Stag senior management will annually review, unless required sooner, the quality policy statements contained within this policy.

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